A recently purchased lot of Hornby Dublo trains ripe for renovation. These images taken from the eBay listing show just how badly damaged the items were. Clearly, they had not been stored very well, quite possibly dug up from someone’s shed. There is significant dirt, some rust and quite a bit of bending out of shape. There was even some kind of paint or glue spilled in places.

The locomotive is an updated version of the ‘Duchess of Atholl’ with smoke deflectors added and painted in BR green livery. This model was in production from 1953-58.

The passenger coaches in ‘Blood & Custard’ livery are also in fairly poor condition. Then again, at the cost of $3.50 each…

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This bundle of track was another bargain; nobody else bid on it. Covered in gunk , paint residue and dust,  lot of time and elbow grease would be needed to restore it to useable condition.




The same engine, now polished up, doing a round on a Märklin turntable.


The ‘Duchess’ up and running.




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