…vintage trains & toys.


You have arrived at the place that tells the story of me and my trains & toys. It’s the story of how I grew up always making things, experimenting, researching and learning, figuring out solutions to problems and honing skills.

In the tradition of many a model railway, this website is a work in progress and will be added to from time to time. It will probably never be finished, but what the heck?

You are invited to explore these pages to learn about vintage model railways and perhaps be inspired to start a collection of your own.

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Railways have been part of my life for as long as I care to recall. I still have trains from my earliest childhood stashed away. How this came to be is explained here. -»


Over the years, I have developed an interest in technical toys of many types, mostly connected to transportation and industry. I enjoy making broken things work again and I'm not too fussed about a scratch or a dent. It's those blemishes that give things life and tell a story. Take a peek at my collections here. -»


Collecting is essentially hoarding with intent. and knowing what you have and what you need to fill a gap is essential. Surplus items, or those that don't fit in are offered for sale here. -»
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